5 Tips for Preserving Images

Images uniquely keep our decade long memories. Therefore, you should ensure that you preserve the pictures well since they are irreplaceable. The following are the best ways of preserving your images.

  1. Use proper enclosures
    Photo boxes and photo albums are the safest ways to protect your pictures. Ensure that these enclosures are resistant to lignin and acid. Note that images might stick to the surface of the enclosure if you use plastic enclosures. Ensure that your plastic enclosures are made from uncoated triacetate, polyester, and polyethylene. You should not store negatives in plastic.
  2. Store the photos away from light
    Images don’t go well in light and should be kept in the dark places. Light can make photos to fate, lowering their quality. You should be careful when framing original images. Ensure that you choose the right way of displaying your photos.
  3. Don’t use pens to label the images
    You should use pencils to label the dates, names, and locations of the photos. Mark the photos on the margins or at the back. You can use a felt-tipped pen if you are labeling new and slick pictures. Choose enclosures that you can write on to avoid writing on the photo itself. Ensure that the ink dries before you stack the images.
  4. Work in a safe space
    Ensure that you keep drinks and foods away when organizing your photos. You should buy a pair of gloves when handling many images. Only touch the pictures by their edges if you don’t own gloves.
  5. Digitize your pictures
    It’s a good idea to digitize your most valuable photos. Wedding, birth pictures, and other important pictures should have a backup. The good thing is that you can scan the photos by yourself. Store the photos on a flash drive or online photo services such as Google.

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